iWonder Digiworld

Meet Rolo through iWonder augmented reality app!

  • Learn with ROLO: Scan your book to learn new words and watch videos!

  • Play with ROLO: Feed him, dance with him, put him to sleep, take selfies and photos and have fun with your robo – friend!

Read about the iWonder AR application privacy policy here.

iWonder on the Express Digibooks platform!

Learn and Play, Play and Learn!

Enjoy friendly competition and collaboration! Motivate one another to succeed in missions and win badges and awards, by doing… homework!

Activate your activity book and enter the Express Digibooks world now!

Complete your missions and earn stars. For every 3 stars you receive, you gain 2-minute access to a new game with ROLO, your favourite robo-friend!

FLY ROLO game is taking gamification to a whole new level!

Find out more about gamification – The Art of Motivation here: